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QuantumLink (logo animated)

Q-Link Load Screens!

Last updated on October 21, 2001
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Remembering Q-Link

QuantumLink, better known as Q-Link, was an online service for Commodore 64/128 computers. It was in operation from November 1st, 1985 to October 31st, 1994. [Steve Case's final letter to QLink members] QLink was operated by Quantum Computer Services which later changed its name to America Online. More information about Q-Link can be found on Steward/JohnD39's Q-Link page.

Q-Link, like AOL, used custom software. Because of the 64's limited memory, different programs had to be loaded as you moved from one department to another. Since disk access was slow, even with the built in "fast" loader, the load time could be a half minute or longer. The GIFs on this page are the screens that were displayed while the software was loading.

I used the C64S emulator to save the screens in .BMP format and then converted them to .GIFs. If they look "grainy" when viewed with your Web browser then turn off dithering or increase the number of windows colors.

Q-Link Load Screen are (c)1985-1990 Quantum Computer Services, Inc.
The Club Caribe Load Screen is also (c)1989 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Please ask me first before using any of these images for your web page or other purposes. Thank You!

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All-in-1 Archives and FTP

If you want all the screens in one download and have a Commodore 64 or an emulator such as C64S then download my Q-Link Screens V7.1. All the screens are in a single file (just 16K or 63 CBM blocks) that you just LOAD and RUN.

If you want all the screens in one download and CAN'T run Commodore programs, then download the ZIP of the GIFs! It is 114K, but that's progress! :)

QLink Screens program. -click here- to download!
Individual Screens:
NOTE: Any mail sent to [email protected] will bounce. (spam block!)

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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange

Individual Q-Link Screens

Connecting to Q-Link:
[Connecting] -- [The Main Menu]
[Main Menu animated] - (30K)

Q-Link Departments:
[Commodore Information Network] -- [Commodore Software Showcase] --[The Mall]
[Just For Fun] -- [News and Information] -- [The Learning Center]
[Customer Service] -- [People Connection] -- [People Connection (old Q-Disk)]

People Connection Games:
[Backgammon] -- [Bridge] -- [Boxes] -- [Checkers] -- [Chess]
[Four in a Row] -- [Chinese [Checkers] -- [Hangman] -- [Quad-64]
[Reversi] -- [Seastrike] -- [GoMoKu (beta only)]

Rabbitjack's Casino:
[The Casino Lounge] -- [Poker] -- [Slots] -- [Blackjack] -- [Bingo]

Music Connection / Super-Q:
[Music Connection] -- [Super-Q]
[Music Connection / Super-Q character set]

[Puzzler Lounge] -- [Puzzler Studio]
Puzzler Music: [MP3 File] - (24 Kbits / 22)
or: [SID File] - (requires sid-plug)
or: [C64 File] - LOAD ,8,1 and SYS 30120

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Club Caribe

Club Caribe Teleport

View the Club Caribe Load Screen
Club Caribe Load Screen with text
Club Caribe character set - CC Mail & Chat.

Or teleport to my Club Caribe Page!

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QLink Demo

The Q-Link demo was included on the V3 and V4 disks. It was an offline tour of QLink that showed potential members all the services that QLink had to offer.

Over time, several of the services mentioned in the demo were dropped, while new ones were added. So, this demo is more of what Q-Link looked like in 1985-86 than of how it looked when it closed in 1994. Even the cost of the service raised from 6 cents/minute to 8 cents sometime in late 1987.... (And it still seemed like a bargain then! ;)

QLink Demo Menu

Thanks to Dan Amborn for converting and uploading the Q-Link disk/QDemo in .D64 format!
Information on downloading the full disk with the QDemo can be found below the image links.

Q-Link Demo Images
(captured with the C64S emulator.)

First Menu (same as above, but full screen)
Welcome Message #1 - Welcome to Quantumlink,...
Welcome Message #2 - Easy to Use, Affordable, Fun...

Let's go to: People Connection: Screen #1 - Screen #2
Not your typical chat conversation, but the display is fairly accurate.
The actual QScreen had an input bar with flashing cursor at the bottom.
Hmmm... You think Bob K has gotten a 2400 baud modem by now? ;)

Let's go to: Commodore Information Network: Menu - About CIN
Let's go to: Commodore Software Showcase: Menu - About CSS
Let's go to: Just For Fun: Menu - About JFF
Let's go to: News & Information: Menu - About News & Info
Let's go to: Learning Center: Menu - About LC
Let's go to: Customer Service Center: Menu - About CSC
(NOTE: "The Mall" Department was not not included in the demo / tour.)

How much does Q-Link cost?
What do you need?
Last screen of the demo / tour

Downloading the full Q-Link disk / QDemo:

Emulator / real C64 users: Dan Amborn has uploaded a copy of the QLink disk to the Communication programs section of the Funet site. The *.D64 file should run on any 64 emulator that supports full 1541 emulation. If you are using a real C64 and don't already have utilities to gunzip and convert the .d64 then you can find what you need on Strobe's C64 Stuff page.

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Q-Link Holiday Music (web versions)

[QLink Independence Day Parade]
[QLink Halloween Treats]
[QLink Christmas Album]

All three collections can be downloaded in .D64 format from my C64 Files page.

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QLink Joke Demo

QLink Joke demo - click here- to download! This is a silly demo that I once wrote that simulates logging onto Q-Link at 1200 baud and reading e-mail. Only the "Read Mail" option on the Post Office menu works, but I suppose it could be expanded. (anyone have the Q-Link Maps?) I tried to make it work exactly like Q-Link including the raster flicker and I used the default Q-Link colors.

Anyway, If you ever received an OLM (instant message) at the exact same time you started to read your email then you should understand the ending. :)

To download, click here or on the image. It is a 4K Commodore 64 file, but can be run on an emulator.

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