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(Nov 1, 1985 to Oct 31, 1994)

Last updated on October 12, 2001
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QuantumLink, better known as Q-Link, was an online service for Commodore 64/128 computers. It was in operation from November 1st, 1985 to October 31st, 1994. [Steve Case's final letter to QLink members] QLink was operated by Quantum Computer Services which later changed its name to America Online.

QuantumLink Logo and linkRemember Q-Link with the Q-Link Load Screens. You can view the screens individually or download a ZIP of the entire collection.

Club Caribe logo and link to Club Caribe pageMy Club Caribe page has sounds and region pictures from Club Caribe. One of my favorite hangouts in Caribe was Kelly's back room. A bug in how the region was designed allowed us to stand on the furniture. :)

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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange


Steward/JohnD39's Q-Link page
John's listing of QMember Web pages
Al Evans Remember Q-Link page
Q-Link Sid Archives
COMPUTE! Gazette Sid Collection - moved ???
Yahoo! Q-Link Club

More Links can be found on my C64 Files page!

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New to Q-Link? - Never downloaded before?

Hello new Q-LINK Downloader! :)   Well, it looks like you've done it.         You  've downloaded your first file!   YEA!

Download your first file here! :)

TYPE: prg      BLOCKS: 33     DOWNLOADS: ??
EST. D/L TIME: 300: 07:27 1200: 2:08
Must be run on a real 64 or an emulator.

The "My 1st Download" program was a file located in the Intro / Help section of the Q-Link libraries. It was a small file that new members could download to get the feel of how downloading from Q-Link worked. The download tmes above are for 300 and 1200 bps. To figure out how long it will take to download at 56K, divide the 1200 time by 45. :) -- And I remeber how fast 1200 bps seemed when I went from 300 to 1200... hehe.

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[Q-Link Load Screens] - [Club Caribe] - [C64 Files]

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