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 Me in Club Caribe Club Caribe  Club Caribe cat

Last updated on October 12, 2001
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Club Caribe Welcome region
This is the first region you entered after creating a new guest.
In the early days there were no instructions written on the wall.
Click here to view the Club Caribe Load Screen.

Club Caribe was a virtual world for the Commodore 64 and was only available on Q-Link. Club Caribe was a scaled down version of Habitat which never made it out of beta. The Avatars from Caribe were the descendents (50K .GIF) of the people from Habitat II (Japan) and the Avatars of Worlds Away.

All Club Caribe images are (c)1989 Quantum Computer Services, Inc. and Lucasfilm Ltd.
This page was created in memory of Club Caribe. No copyright infringement intended.

The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange

 Smiley head  Ant head Club Caribe Heads IMAGE Shark head  Curse head

Here are some of the more interesting heads that were available in Club Caribe:
Collection 1 -- Collection 2 -- Collection 3
Credit to CrazySaint / John VanSuchteles for grouping them together into three images.

View all 220 Club Caribe Heads!
This is done using a snapshot/freeze I made one time when bringing in a new guest.
You can also change the head color, body colors and walk around to see your guest in action!
Click here to download the two .d64 disk files containing all of the 220 heads from Club Caribe.
You will need a 64 emulator like PC64, VICE or CCS64 to use these disk files.

 Tahiba's Messages

 Door to staff area - STAFF ONLY!

The Club Caribe Bulletin Boards!

Click a plaque to read it. Use your browsers back button to return to this page.
Plaques #2-8 are snapshots of real CC plaques. They were taken by Empathic.
The Club Caribe graphics/art on plaque #2 was done by Fuzzy Fox.
If your web browser doesn't support image maps, then you can download the 12 plaque .GIFs here.

Club Caribe Wallpaper!

You can download an archive (32K) containing the 15 body/item colors in .BMP format. Use them for your desktop or convert them to .GIFs and use them for your web page. The archive contains the 3 solid colors (pink, blue and black) and the 12 pattern colors in both original and double resolution. At 640x480 the double resolution patterns will be about the same size as they were on the C64. (320x200)

Oh, if I have labeled any of the colors incorrectly, please let me know! :) Thanks!

In addition to the colors, I have added the following backgrounds:

  CONDOBG  BMP - Condo/Apartment with large CC Logo (Full Screen-640x480x16)
  BRCKBLUE BMP - Blue bricks (ATM)          
  BRCKCYAN BMP - Cyan bricks (Condo)          
  BRCKGREY BMP - Grey bricks (Badlands Sewer)          
  BRCKPRPL BMP - Purple bricks (Madhouse)         
  BRCKRED  BMP - Red bricks (Arap, Midway ports.)          
  CATSBLUE BMP - Catacombs Blue          
  CATSGREY BMP - Catacombs Grey          
  CATSLTBL BMP - Catacombs Light Blue          
  CCVOIDBG BMP - Void background / or black rock
  LABY     BMP - Labyrinth background         
  LAIR     BMP - Skull (Pirates Lair)          
  NC-IN    BMP - Wall outside Newbie Club           
  NC-OUT   BMP - Wall inside Newbie Club          
  ROCKBLUE BMP - Blue rock (Alley)        
  ROCKBRWN BMP - Brown rock (Badlands Caves)       
  ROCKGREY BMP - Grey rock (Badlands Caves)         
  ROCKLTGR BMP - Light grey rock (Outside Tahiba's)       
  ROCKWHIT BMP - White rock (Inside Cassie's)        
  STOCKEX  BMP - Dollar sign (Stock Exchange Pit)          
  **All backgrounds are double resolution.

 Club Caribe dice Club Caribe Sounds  Club Caribe dice

Some files from the Worlds Away forum on CIS

Theme Music -- Traveling Music -- Putting on Head -- Removing Head -- Starting Teleport

An archive (209K) of all the sounds can be downloaded at:

Club Caribe Items!

The images of some items that you could collect in Club Caribe, plus some background scenery.

Over 300 images including: doors and windows, drinks, game pieces, furniture, icons (DO, GO, GET, etc.), lights, machines (ATMs, etc.), nick nacks (toys, chainsaws, etc.), plants, readable items (books, paper, plaques, etc.), rocks, scenery, signs, storage containers, tools (items with a useful function) and wands (mostly magic.)

 Club Caribe flag and link: FUTURE USE.
An archive (211K) of all the items can be download at:

- Dezip using the -d switch to create sub-directories. (or use WinZip) -
 Club Caribe flag and link: FUTURE USE.

Club Caribe Pictures!

Over 250 pictures of different regions.

An archive (661K) of all the pictures can be download at:

Most of these pictures were taken by Empathic and the rest by me.


All Club Caribe images are (c)1989 Quantum Computer Services, Inc. and Lucasfilm Ltd.
This page was created in memory of Club Caribe. No copyright infringement intended.

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