Occult: The Church of MOO

With an unbelievable burst of energy, the denziens of the Church of MOO put forth many doctrines, writings, and, ultimately, a massive bible centered around parodying religion. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the tenets of MOOism ultimately ARE, or you can let it wash over you in a wave of bovine-themed revival.

Description of the Textfile
contract.moo 11908
The Great Contract of MOOism
cow-g01.txt 7991
The Moo-Cow Gamma Series of High Preet Revelations (Part I)
cow-g10.txt 10672
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Saviour on a Stick (Part 10)
cow-p03.txt 8139
The Revelations of the High preest Guy: MOOish MystiSchism
enemies.moo 13376
The Enemies of MOO by Miss Take
juice1.moo 3492
MOO Juice #1: Encountering Kerry Wendell Thornley (November 4th, 1992)
juice2.moo 4877
MOO Juice #2: The Second Book of Apes (November 27th, 1992)
juice3.moo 8857
MOO Juice #3: Normalcy (February 27th, 1993)
juice4.moo 2499
MOO Juice #4: All prepare for the Grate Book of MOO (March 3, 1993)
mooism.txt 1121967
The Grate Book of MOO (The Doctrine of MOOism)
moothwak.txt 761
The Story of the UnTHWACKables
quack26.txt 102752
The Holy Book of QUACK: Version #26, March 26, 1992
theta-5.moo 3420
MOO Juice #5: The Dissolution of MOO (April 10th 1993)
wombat-u.asc 2320
The Story of the Wombat, from Floyd Gecko
wombat.moo 12736
The Mauve Room, stories of the secret room in the MOO Archives

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