Occult: Atheism

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aaffirmative.txt 24109
Atheism: An Affirmative View (1980) by Emmett F. Fields (Updated 1990)
affirm.d 26846
Atheism, an Affirmative View by Emmett F. Fields, 1980
astron.txt 193906
The Atheism of Astronomy, A refutation of the theory that the universe is goverened by Intelligence, by Woolsey Teller (1938)
atheis.txt 157148
We Become Atheists, by Gora
atheism.dos 119027
Is the Position of Atheism Growing Stronger? By Joseph McCabe (1936)
atheism.txt 47820
Athiesm: Simply a Position that "he" Does Not Exist
atheist.mf 13814
The Atheist Manifesto by Jeffrey Clark (March 2, 1993)
bible.txt 65171
Is the Bible the Word of God? by Emmett F. Fields (1983)
plea.d 58306
A Plea for Atheism, by Charles Bradlaugh
secular.txt 9956
The Higher Religions, by Emmett F. Fields (1986)
shelley.txt 51035
The Necessity of Atheism by Percy Bysshe Shelly

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