Computer Usage Policies at Universities and Institutions

These policy statements came to off a hacking CD purchased online; whoever had the idea to save this, thank you. They give great insight into how different universities dealt with hundreds of incoming students, each more computer-savvy than the previous class, who were twisting and bending the computer networks to their whim. You can almost tell on a school-by-school basis what horrifying event had happened, from the administrators' point of view, and what they were trying to account for.

Description of the Textfile
acadia 15060
The A.U.C.C. Acadia Computer Terms of Use Policy
baylor 4530
Computer Policies at Baylor University
bitnet 2474
Usage Guidelines for BITNET
bostonu 4891
Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics at Boston University, September 1, 1988
colgateu 8632
Colgate University Academic Computer Center Agreement for Use of Computing Facilities
columbia 4963
Columbia University Computer Use Policies
danwebst 4463
Daniel Webster University Policy for Computer Usage
jmadison 7962
James Madison University Draft Computer Ethics Statement
kansasst 6483
Kansas State University Ethical Computer Use Policies
michstu 12699
College of Engineering at Michigan State University Computer Use Policy
newcastl 4236
University of New Castle Computing Use Policy
newmexst 8138
New Mexico State Univercity Computer Use Policy
policyasc.hac 20654
A Draft Security Policy by National Computer Security Association
pucc 11185
Statement of Policy on Use of Computing Center Facilities and Services
purdue 10026
Purdue University Computing Facilities Policy
rose_hul 4715
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science Computer Use Policy
udel.1 31308
Recommended Guidelines for Responsible Computing at the University of Delaware
udel.2 3612
Policy for Responsible Computing Use at the University of Delaware
umich-1 5311
Michigan University Proper Use of Information Resources, Information Technology and Networks
umich-2 7906
Michigan Technological University Computing Policy
umissc 7298
University of Missouri: Columbia Computing Ethics Policy
umissrol 4080
University of Missouri-Rolla Computing Guidelines
uofidaho 1714
University of Idaho Passwords and Computer Security Policy
uofmisso 2509
University of Missouri-Kansas City Computer Ethics Policy
uofnewme 8165
University of New Mexico Ethics Code for Computer Use
uofpitt 2697
University of Pittburgh Policy in Computer Resources
uofwales 3425
University of Wales Misuse of the Vax Statement
washu 8624
Washington University Center for Engineering Computing Unix Instructional Account Policies

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