Hacking Textfiles: Microsoft

At some point, maybe I can discuss Microsoft without breaking something.

Description of the Textfile
95pw.txt 10819
The Decryption of Windows 95 Passwords, by Tatu (1995)
ax.txt 4908
Using FileSystemObject in ASP to View Just About Anything
backdoor.upl 26115
Closing DOS's Backdoor, by John Switzer (1989)
backo.txt 13118
Report of a Microsoft BackOffice Vulnerability (February 16, 1999)
dosundoc.txt 18048
A Collection of Undocumented and Obscene Features in Various MS-DOS Versions
iis.txt 9574
The Microsoft IIS Bug, from the Jihad State
is.txt 3799
Microsoft Index Server Exposes IDs and Passwords (May 15, 1997) by Andrew Smith
lopht.txt 10146
L0pht Security Advisory for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (February 18, 1999)
password.txt 10669
Password Recovery Techniques
pchack.txt 33587
The PC Hacking FAQ Version 2.0 (July 10, 1996)
si_nt.txt 7729
The Windows NT BlackPaper, by Neon Surge of Shatter, Inc.
sping.txt 1682
The Sping Attack, and What You Should Know
sping2.txt 10621
SSPING/JOLT Technical Information
sping3.txt 1943
w4wg.txt 3743
A Bug In Windows for Workgroups by Dan Shearer (July 22, 1995)
windowsn.txt 24798
Some Windows NT Security Issues by Somar.Com

There are 16 files for a total of 191,299 bytes.