Hacking Textfiles: The Internet

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anon-mail.txt 3260
Hackerdevil's Guide to Sending Anonymous E-mails to Someone Without a Program
arpa.man 86379
Arpanet Information Brochure (December 1985)
arpanet.hac 4439
Screwing around with Arpanet, by Hackman
arpanet.txt 4736
Attacking Arpanet by the Hackman of Hollow Hills
arpanet1.con 4505
Hacking Arpanet, by The Hackman of The Hollow Hills
arpanet1.txt 7040
Hacking ARPANET Part I, by The Source of The Listening Post
arpanet2.txt 12160
Hacking ARPANET Part II by The Source of The Listening Post
arpanet3.txt 7552
Hacking ARPANET Part III by The Source
arpanet4.txt 4608
Hacking ARPANET Part IV by The Source
arpanet5.txt 8064
Hacking ARPANET Part V by The Source
arpanet6.txt 13824
Hacking ARPANET Part VI by The Source
bctj1_04.txt 7457
Ethernet Fields
bomb.txt 8594
How to Send Fake Mail Using SMTP Servers by Hunter
bump.txt 8231
Things that go Bump in the Net, by David Chess of IBM
denning.txt 58773
Concerning Hackers who Break into Computer Systems (October 1, 1990)
dial_5 5766
Dialout List #5, by Spin-Doc (February 22, 1994)
dialout.txt 1785
A Collection of Internet Dial-Outs
dialout1.txt 68938
Novice Manual on Using Outdial Modems by Blue Adept
dialoutslst.hac 29446
(I)nter(N)et->(T)ym(N)et List Version 1.0 - January 1991 -
disabled 3072
Disabled Membership Guidelines and Rules for PC-Pursuit (April 13, 1992)
dummy22.txt 423772
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, v.2.2 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (1994)
emsss.txt 10317
The Art of E-Mail Forging and Tracing Explained in one Simple Text
engineer.rpt 19456
Recommendations Report for File Transfer Via PC Pursuit (January 3, 1989)
equip 2048
PC Pursuit: Equipment and Software Requirements
esnet.txt 58650
Terminal Servers and Network Security, by C.E. Bemis and Lynn Hyman (December 12, 1990)
exploits.txt 3714
A Collection of Exploits from Legions of the Underground
firewall.txt 5904
Internet Firewall by Darkstar of NFG
ftpintro 7861
Anonymous FTP: Questions, Answers, Etc. by Odin (January 5, 1990)
fwall.txt 5834
Internet Firewalls, by DARKSTAR of NFG
gtmhh-bs1.txt 12168
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Beginners' Series #1 by Carolyn Meinel
gtmhh-cc1.txt 19786
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Computer Crime Law Issue #1 by Peter Thiruselvam and Carolyn Meinel
gtmhh1-1.txt 9089
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 1
gtmhh1-2.txt 21648
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 2 (How to Forge E-Mail)
gtmhh1-3.txt 9158
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 3 (How Finger Can Be Used)
gtmhh1-4.txt 21770
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 4 (How to Get Usenet Spammers Kicked Off)
gtmhh1-5.txt 12585
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 5 (How to Get Email Spammers Kicked off Their ISPs)
gtmhh1-6.txt 18850
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 1 Number 6 (How to Nuke Offensive Web Sites)
gtmhh2-2.txt 13662
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 2 Number 2 (Linux)
gtmhh2-4.txt 37561
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 2 Number 4 (Port Surfing)
gtmhh_bs31.txt 24576
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 3 Number 1 (How to Get a Shell Account)
gtmhh_bs32.txt 15961
The Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking: Volume 3 Number 2 (How to Get a Good Shell Account)
hackenc.txt 143731
The Hackers Encyclopedia by Logik Bomb (1995-1996 First Edition)
hackfaq.hac 106697
FAQ to #hack IRC Channel, Beta .007
hackirc.txt 14052
Hacking IRC: The Definitive Guide by Klider (1996)
hackpage.txt 10379
Hacking Webpages: THe Ultimate Guide by Virtual Circuit and Psychotic
hackwww.txt 2843
How to Hack the WWWboard Message Board 2.0 by kM of Hackers Club (May 12, 1997)
haq.01 35596
The HAQ Frequently Asked Questions by Belisarius (June 11, 1994)
haq.02 30544
The HAQ Frequently Asked Questions by Belisarius (June 11, 1994) (Part II)
haq.03 43250
The HAQ Frequently Asked Questions by Belisarius (June 11, 1994) (Part III)
hexedit.txt 3454
How to Hexedit mIRC - Flood Protection/Nuking by Lord Somer of The Hackers Layer
hi.txt 6924
Introduction to Hacking by KwAnTAM_PoZeEtroN
hotmail.txt 6827
The Hotmail Hack
how-to 4096
How to use the PC-Pursuit Service
hqm.txt 4040
Hacking Quickmail for Macintosh by The Brighter Buccaneer (February 28, 1995)
hwp.txt 12966
Hacking Web Pages, by Goat
iad.txt 2157
How to Advertise by Msging, Inviting, or Noticing Everyone on a Server by Lord Somer
ib.txt 3046
The Infinite Mailbomb by OSPbaboon and KwAnTAM_PoZeEtroN
inet2000.txt 3703
The iNET 2000 Online Service, by Deicide (April 5, 1993)
inetsec.txt 8903
A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Ubercracker and Becoming an Uberadmin to Stop Ubercrackers v1.1 by Christopher Klaus (December 5, 1993)
internet.doc 13018
The Beginner's Guide to the Internet by Weaons Master
internet.hac 49024
A Hacker's Guide to the Internet, by Gatsby 1991
ipd.hac 2004
Countries connected to the International Packet Switching Stream by The Force
iphijack.txt 46396
A Simple Attack Against TCP, by Laurent Joncheray
irc.txt 2703
How Do I Hack ChanOP on IRC by Lord Somer
ircfaq.txt 16758
The IRC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Junary 15, 1996)
irchack.hac 14381
Hacking IRC the Definitive Guide
irk.txt 1739
Irc Bouncing Around Klines Using a unix Shell by Lord Somer (August 5, 1997)
jul93blt.txt 16431
Connecting to the Internet: Security Considerations
mnemonic.txt 9692
The PC-Pursuit Service Availability
na.txt 247107
Anonymity on the Internet, by L. Detweiler (April 30, 1994)
netcat.txt 63679
Netcat Rules the Net Version 1.0
netware1.txt 5670
Stuboy's Netware Hacking Tips, Compliments of StuBoy (1997)
new-user 2048
PC-Pursuit: New User Information
pingdumb.txt 5851
Pinging For Dummies, by ESQ (2000)
pod.txt 5746
Large Packet Attacks, A.K.A. the Ping of Death
proxy.txt 3474
Using Web Proxies to Disguise your IP Address by Hardcore Pawn
rates 3072
PC-Pursuit Rate Schedule (July 1, 1989)
rvprimer.txt 10979
The Racal_Vadic Primer v1.0 (For PC-Pursuit)
smtp.txt 2545
Mail Spoofing Explained for the Beginner
sniffer.txt 19746
FAQ: The Sniffer Frequently Asked Questions Version 1.7
spoof.txt 13411
Defending Against Sequence Number Attacks by S. Bellovin of AT&T Research (May 1996)
spoofing.txt 22066
Web Spoofing: An Internet Con Game by Edward W. Felten, Dirk Balfanz, Drew Dean, and Dan S. Wallach
tc 10240
Terms and Conditions of Use for PC-Pursuit Service
td.txt 11195
Telenet dialups for the US by HackerZ Hideout
tele_iti.txt 31420
Telenet ITI Parameters for PC-Pursuit
terminal.txt 13342
Terminal Identifiers List
tips.txt 17685
Troubleshooting PC Pursuit Calls (January 18, 1997)
unixwrap.txt 25638
TCP Wrapper: Network Monitoring, Access Control, and Booby Traps, by Wietse Venema
usa.asc 138303
List of Dial-In Numbers for PC Pursuit
usenethi.txt 4277
Some Advanced Usenet Hi-Jynx
waninfo.txt 9788
Jester Sluggo Presents an Insight on Wide Area Networks
world.asc 171453
Worldwide Phone Numbers of Dial-In to PC-Pursuit
yanoff.txt 44889
Special Internet Collections: Last Update 5/16/1994 by Scott Yanoff

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