Hacking Textfiles: Conventions

It was always natural for people who used a BBS who were all located nearby to have gatherings and parties. In some cases, people might travel a long distance to see the faces behind the text. There was nothing better than hanging out for a while with the folks you'd talked to for months, having some great times and eating some pizza or drinking soda while the hours went on.

You can trace back the idea of "conventions" a long way back; there have been science fiction conventions, computer conventions, even phone phreak conventions... why not hacker conventions? Some started out small and have grown to thousands of attendees, with rented hotels and huge events accompanying them. Others are small and will remain so, the same small group of friends meeting regularly to share stories and get insanely, blindly drunk.

Here are some of the textfiles that have accompanied these events.

Description of the Textfile
23things.txt 2342
The Top 23 Things I Learned at DEF CON 1 by The White Ninja
defcon.info 26112
Invitation to Attend DEFCON III (January, 1995)
defcon.txt 4806
The DEFCON II Audio Page Information File
defconadd.hac 11951
DEFCON I Advertisement (Hacker Convention, 1993)
eslf0006.txt 57267
Hackers' Conference 1984, transcribed by ESLF
hoho93.ad 13472
Official Announcement for the Fourth Annual HoHoCon (October 11, 1993)
hoho93cz.hac 13356
The Exploits at HoHoCon 1993 by Count Zero
hohocon.93 14237
Official Announcement to Join HoHoCon (October 12, 1993)
pumpcon.txt 10358
Pumpcon Was Busted! By Someone Who Was THere (October 31, 1992)

There are 9 files for a total of 153,901 bytes.