Hacking Textfiles: Cable TV

Free Cable TV has always been a prized holy grail by people of all kinds in this country, and throughout the years a cottage industry has risen up to give the people What They Want. Beyond the immediate satisfaction of free TV, of course, are the fascinating lengths that the industry goes to to scramble signals so only authorized customers can have the precious signals.

Description of the Textfile
adapter.txt 10742
How to Connect a PC to a VideoCrypt Decoder (April 11, 1994)
anar15.txt 1802
Cable Theft File: Pay TV Decoder
cabldesc.txt 3745
Cable Descrambling by Exodus of Golden Apple Enterprises
cable 1482
Cable TV and the like. Wow!!, What a Concept! by The Lunatic Phringe BBS
cable-tv.txt 1764
National Cable TV Satellite-Delivered Channels
cable.ana 1981
Cable Descrambling, by Robin Hood
cable.nfo 11909
Cable TV and the Black Art of Radio by Thomas ICOM
cable.txt 3840
Cable Descrambling by Robin Hood
cable1.hac 1991
Cable Companies Responsible for Cable Theft
cable101.txt 3885
How To Rip Off the Fucking Cable Company, by The Burnt Brain Society (1991)
cable2.txt 7998
The SSAVI Cable Scrambling System by the Mad Phone Man
cable3.txt 4531
Cable TV Scrambling Techniques, by the Mad Phone Man
cable_codes.txt 3531
A Listing of Cable Codes (December 4, 1992)
cablebul 12024
Cable Companies Getting Ready to "Zap" Video Pirates (May 5th, 1991)
cabledes.txt 1997
Cable Descrambing, by Robin Hood
cablefrq.txt 5559
Cable Frequencies by The Researcher
cablepir.txt 10315
Cable Piracy by Psycho Bear and Mad Poo Bandit
cables.hac 21419
Cable TV Pirating, by Logic God
cabletv.txt 3594
Pay TV Decoder Plans by Tom Hackerman
capnmid.hbo 13740
Article about Captain Midnight and the takeover of HBO
capnmidn 23347
The Story of Captain Midnight
captmidn.hum 23348
The Time Captain Midnight took over HBO
card-con 1797
List of Firms that Manufacture Smart Card Connectors
catvprt2.txt 6891
Pirating Cable TV Part II by Logic God
catvprt3.txt 10586
Pirating Cable TV by Logic God Part 3 (January 6, 1986)
cbl4free.txt 4382
Cable Theft the Neighborly Way by Spanky
cblthft1.txt 5170
Cable Theft Made Easy by Acid Reign and Riff Raff
chicabtv.txt 12142
A Complete Guide to Chicago Cable TV by Ar-Kane and The Beastmaster (January, 1991)
chicago.catv 12141
From the Arcane Arts of AR-KANE: A Guide to Chicago Cable TV (January, 1991)
clearnit.txt 6958
What to Do on a Clear Summer Night by Cablecast Operator and Pyro Maniac
ct_cpir1.txt 34500
Eagles Nest Present: Cable Scrambling Systems Version 1.0
d2mac.asc 3016
Case Study: D2-MAC Systen
decoder-.pin 1388
The Pinouts of the VideoCrypt Controller
decodfaq.txt 21424
FAQ: Decoding pay TV, Version 1.2 (February 22, 1995)
details.txt 26693
Some Technical Details about Videocrypt by Markus Kuhn (August 2, 1994)
fidotvro.faq 49870
TVRO Frequently Asked Questions by Frank J. Perricone (March 9, 1994)
freechan.txt 4735
How to Get Free Cable by Doktor B0lliX N. Makari of Eleventh Hour Publishing
freesiml.txt 9389
A Guide to the Chicago Cable System Part 1 by Dr. Ripco
hackcabl.txt 2973
The Hacker's Guide to Cable TV on San Francisco Viacom
hackers.txt 20515
What Is a Hacker? (Satellite, Piracy)
hacktool.txt 6483
A List of the Hacker's Tools (For Satellite Hacking)
hbo.txt 2048
Pay TV Decoder Plans
macrofaq.txt 25371
FAQ: Macrovision Frequently Asked Quesitons v1.0 by Antti Paarlahti
max232.txt 3514
Making a PC to VideoCrypt and/or Smart Card interface via the RS232 Port
max233.txt 9430
PC to VideoCrypt via RS232 Port by Alex Ivopol (January 10, 1995)
mdetails.txt 29403
Some Technical Details about Videocrypt by Markus Kuhn (August 2, 1994)
minimac.txt 3574
DOCUMENTATION: MiniMAC: a PC Based Eurocrypt Smartcard Emulator
mm04.txt 14121
Mindless Mayhem #04: Cable TV Ripoff, by The Beastmaster (June 24, 1991)
nagra.txt 1769
A Quick and Dirty Nagra/Syster Descrabler by Crabbe
paytv.txt 20261
FAQ: Decoding Pay TV FAQ (January 30, 1995)
receiver.txt 3591
Some Backdoor Passwords to Cable Recievers That Have Lost Passwords
satelit2.txt 7642
ASTRA Update, by XL
satguide.txt 182124
Communications In Space Edition 5.5: The Last DXers Guide to the Galaxy by George Wood (January, 1994)
scribble.box 6144
Defeating Scribblevision (May 11, 1990)
scrounge.txt 22799
The Scrounger's Guide to Satellite TV by Gary Bourgois (1994)
season7.txt 10330
An MS-DOS Videocrypt Smart Card Emulator, by Markus Kuhn (June 19, 1994)
season95.txt 3064
DOCUMENTATION: Season95: The MS-DOS Videocrypt Smart Card Emulator by G. ANtwerp (May 29, 1995)
settings.txt 3045
SATELLITE: Voyager Parameters and Running Settings
skycard.txt 24371
The VideoCrypt System: An Overview, by Darren Ingram (June 5, 1991)
smartcrd.txt 17527
Videocrypt/Eurocrypt Smart Cards: How do they work?
theory.txt 4919
The Theory of Building a VideoCipher II Video Decoder
tvscramb.txt 21208
Cable TV Pirating, by Logic God
twkvmref.hac 6144
Cable TV Pirating, by Logic God
vcdetai.txt 29248
Some Technical Details about Videocrypt (August 2, 1994)
videocry 3782
References relating to the VideoCrypt Pay-TV System (February 18, 1995)
vidocrpt.txt 7067
An Overview of the Videocrypt System
viper.txt 7110
SOFTDOCS: VIPER: The Video Protection Eraser
voyager.txt 17121
DOCUMENTATION: VOYAGER: The MS-DOS Videocrypt Smart Card EMulator

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