Hacking Textfiles: Biblographies

Before news articles were widely available online, it was very difficult to track down what publications had done stories on hacking and general computer security subjects. These biblographies came from two main sources: Actual computer professionals seeking research materials, and hackers tracking down the same.

Description of the Textfile
abstract.hac 106187
VERY Large list of Abstracts on Computer Crime in various publications
articles.txt 146048
Bibliography of Computer Security Articles: 1983 through 1988
bibliog.hac 83545
Bibliography of Computer Security Issues
books.txt 41728
Bibliography of Computer Security Books (1973 through 1988)
glosblt.hac 6784
Bibliography of Computer Security Glossaries 1990
guidelin.txt 95616
Biblography of Computer Security Guidelinesm, 1974-1988
hckbibli.txt 6030
Computer Hackers News Articles Compiled by Bob Krause
periodic.txt 34816
Bibliography of Computer Security Periodicals (1988)
reports.txt 63232
Bibliography of Computer Security Reports (1976-1989)
techpap.txt 49920
Bibliography of Technical Papers on Computer Security
umi1.txt 8410
Collection of Comuter Security Articles
umi2.txt 4688
Collection of Computer Security Articles, Part 2
umi3.txt 2357
Collection of Computer Security Articles, Part 3
umi4.txt 2639
Collection of Computer Security Articles, Part 4
umi5.txt 6413
Collection of Computer Security Articles, Part 5

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